Padma Residency (a unit of pavana residency)

What We Offer

WE provide a complete package of luxury accommodation, itinerary and all required arrangements including travel for tourists eager to explore & enjoy the tourist destinations around Shimoga district.Shimoga District consists some of Karnataka’s most scenic and historically significant places. Ranging from hill stations like Kodchaadri and Agumbe to Historical places like Sringeri and Keladi. We have two lodges providing you an choice of economy and luxury perfect for tourists,executives and also for students who are on industrial trip visit to VISL & MPM. 

All u need to do :-

Contact us via mail or mobile and lets us know your travel details like

  • Date and duration of travel
  • The kind of holiday you are looking for like unwinding, want to visit places of historical significance, temple, nature etc. Based on this we will provide you an itinerary making your trip hassle free.
  • Number and type of rooms you prefer.

Things we can do for you:-

  • Arrange accommodation in Padma(Pavana) Residency or Pavana Lodge based on the luxury level specified by the customer. Both the Lodges are situated on adjacent roads.
  • Pavana Residency owns travel vehicles and the same will be arranged for your travel.